About Redman Law Firm

Redman Law Firm, PC provides comprehensive real estate and litigation services ranging from counseling of homeowners in negotiations with their lenders to complex real estate and multi-party commercial litigation. Our attorneys specialize in disputes regarding real estate – including quiet title actions, mortgage priority disputes and construction lien foreclosures. We are experts in title insurance law and have represented many national title insurance companies.

We are proud that our clients continue to use us year after year and that they recommend our firm to their friends and relatives. One reason is that Redman Law Firm, PC always considers the amounts at issue when providing our services – we constantly review the legal fees we charge compared to the dollar amount in dispute. Our goal is to provide superior, cost-effective representation to our clients, whether they are Fortune 500 companies or individuals. As an additional service to our clients, we have created strategic partnerships with many other real estate professionals – Realtors®, Mortgage Consultants, Accountants – to provide complete counsel and representation to our clients.

For more information go to www.redmanlawfirm.com

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