Redman Law Firm Moves to Birmingham

On June 11, Redman Law Firm has moved its offices to downtown Birmingham, Michigan. From 2003 to 2006 Bruce Redman managed a firm in Birmingham. When the firm outgrew its space, it moved to Bloomfield Hills. But ever since moving out of Birmingham, Bruce, a life-long Oakland County resident, has wanted to move back.  Bruce said, “Birmingham has always felt like the right place for our firm. I grew up here. I rode my bike into downtown Birmingham as a kid. Our new loft space on Old Woodward in the heart of downtown is the perfect place for us.”

Redman Law Firm continues to specialize in Real Estate Law and Commercial Litigation. A large part of the firm’s practice has been to assist homeowners in working with their banks through the real estate meltdown.  We have seen property values drop more than 50% in some areas. Homeowners need to understand their options.  Banks are not going to tell you the best option for you.  Homeowners must consider Bankruptcy, Short Sales, Loan Modification and even “walking away”.  Explaining the process and the different options is what Redman Law Firm is all about. A real estate agent may have a lot of knowledge about the short sale process, but that does not mean that a short sale is necessarily the right option for every individual.  Personalized service is our calling.